Monthly Hanshin Tigers – November 2015


To no one’s surprise, the latest edition of Monthly Hanshin Tigers features new manager Tomoaki Kanemoto on the cover. He sure is ubiquitous these days! This issue has a lot of great features in it, mostly centering around the old and new managers as well as the recently retired Kentaro Sekimoto. Along with the usual content, subscribers (like myself) got 5 trading cards (Minoru Iwata, Suguru Iwazaki, Ryota Arai, Kosuke Fukudome and legend Tomoaki Kanemoto). The 30-card set is now complete and looks great. Here is the table of contents for the new issue:

  • Opening Feature: “Strict but Fun!” New manager Kanemoto
  • Special Interview: Kentaro Sekimoto
  • Another Side View: Manager Yutaka Wada
  • Current Observations: On the Verge of a Huge Transformation
  • Players Note: Kentaro Sekimoto
  • Tigers Diary: Akinobu Okada (Part 2 of 2)
  • October 4, 2015: Sekimoto’s Retirement Ceremony
  • Thank You for Your Hard Work: Other Retirees and Departures
  • Climax Series First Stage Report: Vs. Yomiuri Giants
  • Farm Report: Phoenix League Update
  • Next Generation Interview: Shintaro Yokota
  • Tigers Data Analysis: Ryota Imanari, Shinobu Fukuhara, more
  • Ask Teammates About: Kentaro Sekimoto
  • Tigers’ History (1985): Masaru Honma
  • Coach’s Corner: Katsuo Hirata

As always, no promises that I will get around to translating any of this, but if you have requests, I am all ears! (Truth be told, I’d love to stay home for a week and just translate the whole magazine this time around. Too bad my workplace wouldn’t understand.) Leave a comment here or send me an e-mail!

Ah yes, and this month’s rag came with a two-sided poster. One side is Sekimoto and the other side is this:  

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