Monthly Tigers Magazine – September 2015

The September edition hits the stands today. My copy arrived in the mail a few days ago, but I still haven’t had a chance to read any of it. It came with five player cards: Seung-hwan Oh, Ryoma MatsudaTsuyoshi NishiokaKeisuke Kanoh and legend Masayuki Kakefu. Each of the next 2 issues will come with 5 more cards.

2015SeptemberCoverHere is the table of contents for this issue:

  • Opening feature: Ultra Summer & Kyocera Dome Games
  • Close-up Interview: Randy Messenger
  • Another Side View: Messenger
  • Pinstripe Report: Winning One Game at a Time
  • Tigers’ Diary: Akinobu Mayumi
  • Players’ Note: Akira Iwamoto
  • Pop ‘N Talk: Shoya Yamamoto
  • Tigers Farm Report (Masahiro Nakatani, Daiki Enokida, Hiroya Shimamoto)
  • Next Generation Interview: Yuya Yokoyama
  • Tigers Data Analysis
  • Teammates Talk About: Taiga Egoshi
  • Tigers’ History (1967-1982): Masaru Honma
  • Advice Column: Katsuo Hirata

As always, if any of these really interest you and you’d like an English translation (or summary), drop your request in the comments section! I actually have plans to give limited edition full article translations away as prizes, but I’m not sure if anyone will take me up on the offer!

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