Coming Soon (or late, or maybe not at all): Book Review!

YougottahaveWAOK, I know I posted about a different book awhile back, promising to write a review of it. That still might come, and same with the one for this book. It has been on my list of “books to get” for awhile now, and I finally decided it was time. Looks quirky and interesting, and should be a real eye opener about what baseball in Japan was like 20 years ago, at least from the perspective of the author and the people he interviewed. Have any of you read this book or heard of it? The Japanese title, by the way, is Wa wo motte Nihon to nasu (和をもって日本となす). If you have any thoughts, let me know! If you want to borrow it when I am finished, let me know! (No promises I can get it into your hands, but we can try to make it happen anyways!)

Like I said last time… book review coming soon!

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