Translation – Murton Gets “Modasho” for the 12th Time

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Murton went three-for-four to pick up his twelfth “modasho*” of the year. Murton’s outburst accounted for three of the team’s five hits, as he improved his batting average to .337 on the year, surpassing Luna (Chunichi) for the league lead. “I felt good up there, but unfortunately we lost.” He hit a double to left with one out in the second, outsmarted the pitcher in the fifth with no outs and a runner on first, and knocked one up the middle for a single with two outs in the ninth and a runner on first. With Gomez out of the lineup, it was great to see Murton (The M-Bomb) playing at his best.

Modasho”  (猛打賞 – hard hitter award) is unique to Japan. In pro baseball, according to Wikipedia, it is a prize/award given out by game sponsors to a player who records three or more hits in a game. It has been in existence since 1949. 
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